Life Decisions

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Time is creeping up on me. Ever had that feeling where everything is moving so fast around you and you feel like you can’t stop it? You have all these decisions and big plans that you need to set but it’s nearly impossible due to the full schedule you have.

Choose a college.

Have a degree plan you want to pursue.

Do you want to keep a bf in college?

Yeah so most of my stresses in today’s world have included my college decisions mainly. I have been accepted into SMU, Texas A&M and UT.

Quite a selection but the problem is I won’t be getting any scholarships so in order to attend I will be taking out school loans and taking on a huge amount of debt.

The word debt in its self stresses me out. We all pursue a degree to learn a ton of college knowledge but in the meantime we are taking on such a financial burden.

Sure it may be an easy choice for athletes or really intelligent people but what about for everyone else?

Are we supposed to take on $50K-$100K of debt just to graduate from a great school and then to be hopeful to find a job and slave for someone our entire life? This is a hard pill for me to swallow lately.

We are all like a pet mouse running on the spinning wheel in a cage every day. Trying to replicate the same lives our parents live and constantly trying to make them proud. My question is, when is enough enough? When do we do what we want to do? When do we go out and find a new way to make things happen?

I’m not sure but I believe any great leader didn’t follow that path. They created a new path and had others follow them. They started a new trend and took on other great leaders. Pushing them to their furthest extent and in return creating something unreal that changes the world.

Can anyone change the world?

I don’t see why the heck not. At the end of the day we all put our britches on the same way in the morning don’t we? We all were created equal, so why do all fall into the 8-5 daily work routine?

I’m personally thinking about taking on a new route. Not sure how or when I am going to do this but I want it to happen soon. I want to be extraordinary, and to change the world. I want to create my own business and create something that nobody has ever done before.

My parents may not accept this but I know I will be happy doing what I want to do. I don’t want to take on such a heavy burden of all that debt. I want to create an income for myself vs. pay someone to help their business or foundation.

Take the challenge with me.

Let’s be something different.

Do you want to be a freaking mouse in a cage or a lion out in the jungle doing his own thing and living a worry free life?

Let’s be kings of the jungle and develop the next best thing. Let’s change the world. Let’s start today!!!

Join me in my next quest. Leave a comment if this sparked anything inside you.