Painting Punishment

I’m back in action. Sorry I’ve been grounded lately. My parents have been making serve my punishment by helping out one of our neighbors Billy. Lucky for me I didn’t have to do too much, but I did have to freaking take care of a ton of paper work for him. Just filing and stuff like that.

This worked out for my parents because now they get to have our house painted by the man. Glad I could be of use for my family. Sorry If this seems a bit boring, but I am going to tell you about my story from this week helping Billy Faulker Painting

It was a rainy Friday night and all the kids (my friends) were going out. You’ll never believe what I got to do…

Sit at home.

Yeah that’s right, I didn’t get to do one thing on a Friday freaking night. Ridiculous, I know. Be sure to tell my parent’s that next time you see them.

Who doesn’t let their 18 year old daughter go out on a Friday night? I have my own car, it’s not like they had to drive me!! Grrr.

Anyways, I wasn’t feeling the whole stay at home while everyone went out, especially when the weather was a beautiful as it has been. So what did I do?

I became a bit of a rebel.

I snuck out of my house as soon as my parents went to sleep, or so I had thought. I later came to find out that they were in fact not asleep at all. In fact, they were testing me…Testing to see if I was grown up enough to stay at home I guess? Idk. Long story short they caught me, I actually didn’t even make it 20 steps outside my window until they caught me. BTW why do we need door sensors anyways? They really screwed me over this time.

Anyways, they caught me stone cold. I was about to hop in my friend’s car (I won’t say who just in case they are reading this) and then boom my creepy, night hawk like dad jumps out and says where are you going?

STONE COLD busted!!!My friend sped off and I had a long night of getting the ol speech from the parents for a good hour or so.

“You aren’t ready for college”

“Grown-ups don’t lie to the ones they love”

Blah Blah the same spill I get every time. Except this time they tagged on a little more discipline to their arsenal…

Slavery for a painting company in the biggest city in Tejas.. Yes I’m talking about Dallas.

And man o man Billy is a busy guy. The amount of paper work I shuffled through for him this past week has been nuts.

Lucky for him, I got him caught up with where he is at today and made him a better filing system to help him stay organized in the future (so I don’t have to come in and do it again!! Lol)

So that’s where I’ve been the past week. Filing papers, with no access to any of my electronics, not even my phone..What the heck. How is a kid supposed to survive without a freaking phone?

I guess I did survive but it wasn’t pretty. I made it, just barely. Want to know how I was able to survive this punishment? Because in the end me and my family went to Pancho & Lefty’s in Rowlett, Tx and my day was made. SO GOOD. Every freaking time.

Leave me some comments guys!! Was I stupid for doing this?